Artline ESK-50A Whiteboard Marker Refill Ink 20cc [Purple]

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Brand: Artline
Product Code: SU80540U
Featuring dense bold colours. Artline's high performance range of whiteboard markers are the perfect addition to meetings, classes and tutorials. With the widest range available in the market today there is an Artline whiteboard marker for every application.

Product Specifications

  • Xylene Free: Yes
  • ROHS Compliant: Yes
  • Colour: Purple

Product Features

  • Refill ink for Artline 500A series whiteboard markers

Refill Ink for:

  • ESK - 50A
  • ESK - 50A-30
  • ESK - 50A-60
  • EK - 550A
  • EK - 500A
  • EK - 509A
  • EK - 5100A
  • EK - 5109A
  • EK - 157R
  • EK - 159R

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